Thursday, November 18, 2010

Using rattan furniture to enhance your home

by Chen Choi Pin
Photo by Chen Choi Pin

If you are lack of time to enjoy the beauty of nature due to the busy daily life, having some rattan furniture in your home can make your home looks natural. Rattan furniture is a result of a natural product and nowadays is used to make beautiful cane furniture to enhance any style of any home.

A rattan chair adds a warm feeling to the room. Rattan can be woven into many styles of chairs, from simple rattan dining chairs to wide, comfortable lounge chairs.

Although making rattan furniture can consider as traditional industry, however this traditional industry has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. People are recognizing that the designs of rattan furniture have changed and there is more style than ever now accommodate most people’s homes.

Nowadays people that emphazised on efficiency are normally will preferred to buy rattan furniture on the modern furniture shop. However, hand make rattan furniture has a big different with the machine make rattan furniture. There is traditional hand make rattan furniture that located at Jalan Market, Ipoh. 

This is Phang Kwi rattan furniture shop.
 According to the owner of Phang Kwi, Phang Yuan Chong, this is the one and only hand make rattan furniture shop left in Ipoh!

Phang Yuan Chong is expert in hand make rattan furniture that hard to find nowadays.

“There are less and less hand make rattan furniture now. Normally the middle-age generations are interested in hand make rattan furniture compare to the younger generation. All the furniture in this shop is made by me.” said Phang.
Different type of rattan chairs can find in Phang Kwi rattan furniture shop.

Basket makes from rattan.

Rattan furniture has a natural beauty about it but with modern designs it can now be taken from one room to another within a home, placed into another room and it will still look great.

The benefits of rattan, aside from the warm style, include durability and weight.  For as lightweight as they are, a rattan chair is extremely durable, lasting two to three decades if well-maintained indoors.

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