Thursday, November 18, 2010

Romanian diplomat suspected in hit-and-run accident

By Chin Pei Kei
Photo by Chin Pei Kei

KUALA LUMPUR: Romanian’s highest diplomatic representative to Singapore suspected in a hit-and –run accident, parents of the victim urged person involved to surrender himself, and be responsible for the accident.

An eye-witness claimed that the driver of the black Audi A6 had sped off after hitting three people at two junctions and left one death and two injured, all victims are Malaysian.

Ten days after the accident, the 31 years old victim, Tan Kok Wai, died when taken off life supporter at hospital. According to his mother, Tan suffered from severe brain damage and his mother decided to taken off his life support and donate his organ for those in need.

“Please surrender yourself, and be responsible for whatever you had done to all those victims.”

As what we know, Tan have just engaged with his wife before the accident, unfortunately they are unable to overcome the traditional Chinese wedding occasion.

Wedding photo: Tan had just engaged wife his wife before the accident.

Right after the accident, Romanian’s highest diplomatic representative,Dr. Silviu lonescu had reported to police that a car belonging to the embassy was missing.

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