Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fortunate accident at Ipoh

By Wendy Wong
Photo by Wendy womg

IPOH, PERAK: A Kancil was hit semen-made rubbish trash on the road divider before turned back few somersault, and stopped on the road divider. No one is hurt in this accident except minor injuries on driver`s arm.

The Kancil was smashed-up on the sidewalk, items inside the car was scattered.
This accident was happened at Jalan Sultan Iskandar, near to Perak Cantonese Association Building.
According to witness, the driver is a Chinese guy, somehow travelling on that road before his car hit the semen-made rubbish trash, caused the trash been thrown to few meters away, and hit an old Japan-model car. The car`s side door was badly dented in the collision.
The Kancil turned few somersault and stopped at the road divider, the strong impact force also caused one of the street lamp cover fell down.
Female victim of the old Japan-model car was away from the accident scene. When she was witnessing the accident, she quickly moved forward to save the driver, and both of them went to nearest police station to lodge a report.
A passers-by was looking at the car`s condition. Picture showed the rubbish trash, dented old Japan-model car and smashed-up Kancil.

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