Thursday, November 18, 2010

Delighting Coffee

By Wendy Wong
Photo by Wendy Wong

A cup of thick and fragrant white coffee would bliss your morning.

What made Ipoh become popular in the international stage? Definitely is the power of Ipoh white coffee…
In 1918, the founder of Ipoh Old Town White Coffee improved the traditional English coffee with bitter and sour taste into Chinese favourite taste. With careful modulation and special selected local planted high grade Coffee beans, he produced the aromatic, creamy and milky white Ipoh White Coffee. 
The newly  improved white coffee taste smooth and does not hurt stomach as normal coffee did, it serve together with low fat condensed milk to avoid causing body heat to coffee lovers, become popular and pursuit by the public.   

Located at Ipoh Old Town, Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop famous with its homemade trademark Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee. Owner of the coffee shop is a Hainan, which is an ethnicity among Chinese in Malaysia that well-known with good coffee making skills. 

Spending times with few friends and white coffee in the morning, this is the best portrayal of Ipoh life.

Every morning the coffee shop crowded with customers that eager for white coffee. Their lovely morning would start with a cup of thick and fragrant white coffee, one piece of toasted bread and a half-boiled egg.

  A cup of good white coffee, a dozen of heart was used in producing it.

Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop is managed by the Wong`s Brother, which was based at Ipoh Old Town for more than 60 years. The brothers are the second generation successor of the coffee shop. Wong stated that this family business had long history in Ipoh; they pick the coffee beans by themselves, and subcontract the toasted jobs to others, to save time and efforts.  

“Putting yourself in this field, many works to deals with yet the profit doesn’t much. Although we had subcontract the toast coffee powder jobs to other, but there are some works that need to do it by our own. We had suffered a lot in doing this job, I don’t wish my children to undertake my mantle,” Wong said.
Asked about why there are so many choices of white coffee, yet people  persist with Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop for white coffee, Wong jokes with humour  that every white coffee is the same, he didn’t found any differences between his white coffee and other white coffees in the market. Yet, Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop still crowded with white coffee lovers in every early morning.

So, you better stop thinking about this tasty white coffee, if you do not have patience and drag yourself out from bed in the morning…

Address:15A Jalan Bandar Timah.
30000 Ipoh ,Perak
Tel: +60 5 241 4601

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