Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enjoy your meal under a Big Tree

By Chen Choi Pin
Photo by Chen Choi Pin

Nowadays, people are preferred to enjoy their meal at the cool air conditioned and calm environment. However, the first-time customers would probably feel very surprise when they come to Pasir Pinji Big Tree YongTaoFu because they are so many people crowded at this little stall. What make this crowded and loud environment becomes so famous?

Here is Pasir Pinji Big Tree.

Pasir Pinji Big Tree becomes so popular is because their on-the-spot made Yong Tao Fu.

   This laksa is one of the most popular foods in Pasir Pinji Big Tree.

One of the stall in Pasir Pinji Big Tree, Zhong Ji is famous for miles around just because of it freshly made fried ingredients in Cantonese. Big Tree is not a comfortable place, here does not provided air conditioned room, but it did provided varieties choices of fried ingredients. The people are line up and picking up their favorite fried ingredients with a plastic bowl and all these bowls of Yong Tao Fu or fried ingredients will be placed in front of the stall.

Big tree is provided varieties choices of “Fried Ingredients”.

All this fried ingredients are 100% hand make.
The main reason of this stall to become so popular is because their on-the-spot made Yong fried ingredient. According to the stall owner, Chow Yi Hong, the workers at the stall are more than 20 people, and the Laksa is making from his own secret recipe, cannot taste it at other place!

During peak hours, Chow wills non-stop keep on frying these freshly prepared Yong Tao Fu to ensure their tastiness. The other reason is also because the meat of the fish they use is so fresh until people can describe it with "juicy" while bitting it.

The environment here is another credit. Pasir Pinji Big Tree Yong Tao Fu is actually located in a traditional hawker center under a few big trees. Wind breeze and tree shield is a perfect combination for relaxation in nature.

The price is reasonably cheap compared to other states or town and they got a large variety of food. When you are growing weary tired of the air conditioned places and wish to try something special, here is the place to go.

Address:1427 Jalan Prince
Kampung Pasir Pinji
31650 Ipoh Perak
Tel:012-507 1482

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