Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good or bad for Increase salary?

By Leong Soo Seang
Photo by Leong Soo Seang

IPOH: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was announced that the salary of the 120 public administrators will be increased with the requirement of their productivity being improved to build a high-income nation.

This is sound great for the citizens, but what do our citizens think of the announcement?

Lee Li Qing, as a hawker said that the increase salary can motivate the performance of public administrators, and can help Malaysia become the high-income nation.

 “It would be good news if the government can increase the salary of public officials according with their performance. When I went to the Immigration Office for my passport matters, I realized that the effectiveness and efficiency of the public administrators have been improved a lot."

However, Lo You Chong, as retired said that an effective policy must begin with the fundamental base, such as offering the job training programmes, inserting the values for them during their working.

"Offer the prizes for the public officials can act as a motivation for them, but it was not an effective way to enhance their productivity. I think that educated the employees is the most important matters."

Lo You Chong

Lo You Chong (retired), the working attitude of the public administrators must be learning through the job training programmes or courses provided.

Lee Li Qing

 Lee Li Qing, as a hawker said, " the increase salary for the public administrators can motive their productivity and this is benefits the citizens."

Goh Shu Yee

Goh Shu Yee, as an advertising designer said that the performances of the public administrators are difficult to measure and the salary of the public administrators will become fluctuated.

 Lee Hong Jun

 Lee Hong Jun, who stills a student, said that it is good if it can help  to enhance the performance of public administrators. However, the government should set a criteria to justify whether should increase the salary of employee.

Cheng Mun Go

" That there are having 120 millions of public employees now, the government is hard to justify the performance by each of them and give the salary according with their performance level," said by Cheng Mun Go.

Chua Shu Yee

Chua Shu Yee, as a student was said that this policy still needs the more detailed plans to implement. It is currently not effective if the government increases the salary of public employees according to their performance.

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