Thursday, November 18, 2010

High value of weld products

By Leong Soo Seang
Photo by Leong Soo Seang

The weld-based product such as rice cookers and pots was important for the people and common used by the people for their daily life during old days. Currently, despite the weld industry still can survive, most of them has faced the challenging of losing their heirs. Nowadays, most of the teenagers are become more educated and tend to working in the office.

Wong Kuang Sin (left) and his younger brother, Wong Kuang MIng (right) were take in charge of the welding-product shop now.

Wong Kuang Sin, 46 years old, who is one of the supervisor of the product based-welding shop currently. The shop has been located at Ipoh more than fifty years now. He said that the shop has operated by his grandfather in the early years and he is the third generation to operate it.

The welding-products shop that has been across several decades.

However, the lower incomes only enable them to maintain their daily life. The problem of labor shortage has lead their production become decrease and need to buy the stocks from outside. Wong is explained that they only will make themselves for some specific containers.

The problem of labor shortage has lead the Wong Kuang SIn need to get the ready-stocks from outside, but sometimes he also will welding himself.

This container that was used by the house was welded by the Wong Kuang Sin.

This large pot was make by Wong Kuang Sin.

“I’m the last generation that was engaged in the weld business. As a father, i hope my sons can choose the better working environment. "

Since he was a teenager, he has begun to help his father to manage their weld business. Wong has been involved in the weld business around thirty years now.

Wong Kuang Sin was passionate for his work even need to work under the high temperature.

Recent years, there are having foreign tourists have visited their working places and giving the high admiration for their weld products. Most of them were felt excited and placed the high interested on it. The responses of those tourists always comforted him.

They are never having any changes about the furnishings of the shop; each of the things in the shop also has its historical values behind that.

"There didn't have any changes in the shop and some of them still can use. Sometimes, the tourists were felt unbelievable when they saw it."

This cabinet already exist since Grandpa's era and still can use now.

Because the development of technology, some of the traditional artisan industry has faced their challenges to survived in the modern world. For the weld business, the cost of white steels and scrap irons has been increased recent years. It has forced the owner of the shop need to increase the selling prices of their products. 

Wong added that although the prices of the weld products have been increase, however, the prices still in the control under the lower range. In addition, the customers can requested to make the weld products based on their own need and designs.

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