Thursday, November 18, 2010

High competition in IT market starts from the accessories

By Boon Siaw Ying
Photo by Boon Siaw Ying

IPOH: The computer accessories are more creative and personally designed compare than previous. Diamond pendrive, speaker doll, anti-peeper screen protector , laptop with 360°rotary screen and so on, make people surprise of the creative ideas.

Lots of fantastic computer accessories can be found at the Yik Feng plaza located at Ipoh.The Yik Feng plaza is the most famous mart that selling those IT products. According to Gu Zhi Wei,the in charge of RedCom said the fantastic accessories are in anywhere of the IT market. The main factor to attract the consumers to purchase is not only the unique design but also the reasonable price. Gu also said that most of their products are ordered from Kuala Lumpur and usually are those accessories on the trend will only be imported to Ipoh.
The unique point of the speaker for Iphone is the different bass can be voice out based on the different surface medium it contacts.

Bored of those nudging sound of msn?Don's worry, the buster make fun of your life.It will knock its head when the message is coming.

You can have a 4GB pendrive with unique design. It is hard to justify as a pendrive if you are not told.

"The competition of IT market is bigger. Products of consumers required are not only unique, but also important on the reosanable price and quality. Or else, the products will soon eliminated from the market.”

The fast changing of IT market make the computer accessories soon being eliminated. For example, the netbook maybe popular right now but soon rotary- touch screen netbook is launched to the market. If the owner cannot seize the mind of consumers thinking, they will be out from the market too. 
It is not only touch screen phone in our life!Lenovo launched a new netbook with touch screen function and can do 360°rotation. Sound great? Grab one first!

Projector is not as heavy as previous, now you can hold a projector within your hand, anywhere can be your home cinema with the new projector.

2 in 1 mouse pad with the function of speaker, the life can be more easier with the creative thinking of designer!

Accessories are more fantastic. Only those with quality and unique design can attract the attention of consumers. All of the information must be hold in hand just can be an expert of IT technology.


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