Saturday, November 20, 2010

2012 is not a legend only?

Translated by Leong Soo Seang 
The movie of 2012 has arise the hot topic about the prediction of the end of the world on December 2012. The most surprise thing is, the bloggers of China was discovered the location of built the Noah's Ark at Tibet through the Google satellite map.

Since the April of last year, the China was building of a civil airport near Mount Everest and named it as ‘Peace Airport’. This airport is expected to completed in September and start operations in October of this year.

The purpose of building the 'Peace Airport' is aims to bring the convenience for the climbers to the Mount Everest and thus promote their tourism. However, this has lead suspicion of the citizens since the airport was spent of CNY 489 million and would be able to handle 230,000 passengers.

You can see the place for building  airport ( Right )  through the Google map.

In the places that was didn't have any living areas or peoples houses, the plans of China government to build an high standard size of airport to serve for the climbers was seem as unnecessary and waste the money. Watch closely, you can see there have an hidden place at the left hand side.

The building of Peace Airport through the Google satellite.

The building beside the Peace Airport.

The hidden place at Tibet: place for construct the ark?

Entrance?the ark inside the mountain?

   Zoom in

Place for construct the ark?
Undeniable, the close distinction between these two places has lead the suspicion of bloggers about the existing of airport was tend to serve the passengers from different countries to take the ark.

The place for construct the ark in the movie 2012.

The place at Tibet for suspicion construct ark.

For those who has been watched 2012 before, you will be realize that there have some similarity between these two pictures above.

According to the analysis of the blogger, the prediction of 2012 was seem as more true than the prediction in the previous times. 

First, the tsunami in 2005 was seem as the beginning of the natural disaster of the world. Then  the frequency of earthquake happen at several countries, such as 512 earthquake at Sichuan, Taiwan and Haiti.

Second, the abnormally weather around the world, some places were too hot and some places was too cold or winter seasons has become longer.

Third, the global economic crisis has lead to the millions of billions money has been disappeared. It can believed that the money was used to support for construct the ark.  For example, spent on purchase the gold because the prices of gold has been increased in 2007 or used the large amount of money to buy the ticket for the seat of ark.

Fourth, during the global economic crisis, most of the countries has been faced their financial problem, however, China still able to handle it. The only reason that can be explain was most of the money of the world has invested to the China and China used it to construct the ark.

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