Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mystery places of Genting

Translated by Leong Soo Seang

 Amber Court, one of the hotel located at the Genting Highland. To reach at Amber Court, you can drive up to the top and pass the Resort World & Genting Resort. When you reach the mushroom farm, drive straight up till you come to a sign board on your right, showing you where Amber Court is. However, the Amber Court currently has been ignored by the peoples for the long time ago.

Amber Court

The paint of the building has been peel off.
 The way went to another mystery place, Forest Castle at Genting

On the way went to the Forest Castle.

The First World Hotel and hostel for its staffs.
Can see the Telekom Tower

Amber Court buildings
An empty land

The place has a lot of colorful flags.

The flags with the religion scripture and the name of peoples.

Heavy haze when arrived at the forest area.

Forest Castle?
The unclear photo taking because of heavy haze.
The Forest Castle.

 ( Note: We don't encourage the readers visit to the buildings that has been abandoned because those buildings were dangerous and easily to collapse without the caring of peoples.  )

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