Thursday, November 18, 2010

Industry mishap caused one death on the spot

By Boon Siaw Ying
Photo by Boon Siaw Ying

IPOH: A Bangladeshi worker start the machine in the cleaning limestone of conveyor process due to unknown reason, caused him tragically died on spot with pinched off the left hand and right hand was caught in the conveyor

The Bangladeshi worker was pinched in the conveyor bloodily.

The industry mishap was happened on this afternoon around 4.30pm located at the bombing stone factory on the road of Simpang Pulai to Cameron highland.

Police sent the deceased to mortuary for anatomy.


The Bangladeshi worker Allange, 35, just started working in the factory few months ago.

As the deceased’s right hand was caught in the conveyor, the bodied was being lift out of the conveyor with the help of fireman.

After the incident happened, the police was called to the scene to investigate the case.  According to Azmin, the deputy director of firehouse of Simpang Pulai said, they were informed of the incident around 5pm and sent one wrecking vehicle and eight firemen to rescue.

Firemen discussed how to move the deceased out of the conveyor.


As it is happened during the break hour of factory, the factory only left deceased working and cleaning the limestone of conveyor while other staffs were not around there.

Azmin also confirmed that the deceased was pinched by the roller of conveyor and caused the tragedy happened.

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